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WOD 1 Released for 9/27/14 Team Competition

WOD 1 Released for 9/27/14 Team Competition
September 2, 2014 WAL Admin
9/27/14 Team Competition – WOD 1: “300″

For Time (12 minute cap)
100 WB shots – Rx 20#/14# , Int/Masters 14#/10#
80 KB swings – Rx 70#/44#, Int. 44#/26#, Masters 53#/35#
60 burpee deadlifts – Rx 145#/105#, Int/Masters 95#/65#
40 squat cleans – Rx 145#/95#, Int/Masters 95#/65#
20 box jumps – Rx 24″/20″, Int 24″/20″ (step ups ok), Masters 24″/20″

Score: 1 second will be added to your time for every rep not performed under the time cap

All team members must perform at least one rep of each movement the remainder of reps per element can be distributed in any amount chosen and only one athlete may perform at a time. Teams must complete total reps before moving to the next element. Reps will be counted when both sets of equipment is off the floor (except for box jumps/step ups), if equipment is dropped prior to completing the total rep count for that element; all team members must perform a 2 burpee penalty before resuming workload.

Please review the Movement Standards