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New Sponsor: BodymetRx

New Sponsor: BodymetRx
May 28, 2015 WAL Admin

We are proud to announce another sponsor for our Clash Of The Titans competition happening on 6/27. BodymetRx will be onsite to provide Bod Pod body fat test, 3-D body scans, Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) tests, and CO2 tests.

The are offering the following package deals:

  • One (1) Bod Pod test and 3-D body scan for $70 ($20 off)
  • One (1) RMR test with CO2 test for $70 ($20 off)
  • Complete package of all tests (Bod Pod, 3-D body scan, VO2, CO2, RMR) $264 ($66 off)

If you’re interested, please book in advance by contacting Marly at 909-801-0035

Test/Scan Prep info: under be Get Ready tab