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Titan Clash Strongman 2023

What is Titan Clash?

Warrior Affiliate League in Association with APE FITNESS presents:
“Titan Clash” 2-person Strongman Team Competition

Titan Clash is a Indiviual and 2-person Team (MM/FF) Strongman Competition for athletes of all skill levels across 6 divisions.

Our novice division is designed for the new competitor in mind, to get your feet wet and test your abilities in a stress-free manner. This event makes for a great first competition for those new to Strongman. For the veteran Strongman competitor, this event will test your strength in a FUN and challenging way! Grab a friend and build your Super Team Duo. Register early, we anticipate this event to sell out!!

When is it happening?




Price Fee Schedule

JAN 21-JAN 31: $160/team, $135/Individual*
FEB 1-FEB 15: $170/team, $145/Individual*
FEB 16-28: $180/Team, $155/Indiviual*
MAR 1-SOUL OUT: $199/Team, $165/Individual*

*plus processing fee

Entry fee includes 4 workouts, with up to 7 separate scored events, exclusive athlete event shirt* per athlete, name plate* (team/individual), sponsor goodies at check-in, access to a huge vendor village, and an opportunity to prove your fitness in front of family, friends, and the largest crowds in Southern California with ultimate prize packs for podium winners!


One person registers and pays for the team (team captain). Have team members’ names, emails, shirt sizes, birthdates, etc. available when registering. Register your team 21 days prior to the event in order to guarentee your exclusive shirt/tank and team name plate. Teams registered teams who miss the deadline, will not receive apparel nor team name plate.

Don’t know which division to sign up for? No problem. Written requests to, must be received 20 days prior to event for changes to division/team name.


THERE ARE NO REFUNDS OR TRANSFERS TO FUTURE EVENTS. NO EXCEPTIONS. There will be no shirt size/type changes after final order date.

Athlete substitutions up until 1-week prior to event by emailing 1) Team Name 2) Name of athlete removing 3) Name of sustitute athlete 4) email of substitute athlete.

6 Divisions

  • Individual Men (Heavyweight Only 180+ lbs),
  • Individual Women (Heavyweight only 135+ lbs),
  • Team Men (MM) Heavyweight (370+ lbs),
  • Team Men (MM) Middleweight (369 lbs or less),
  • Team Women (FF) Heavyweight (278+ lbs),
  • Team Women (FF) Lightweight (277 lbs or less).

MEN’S HEAVYWEIGHT – Individual Male weighing 180 lbs or greater. Team is sum weight equals 370 lbs or greater. This division is designed for those strong athletes, as well as those who want to be challenged with a heavier weightload.

MEN’S MIDDLEWEIGHT – Team sum weight must be 369 lbs or less. This division is designed for those athletes looking to dabble into the strongman competition.

WOMEN’S HEAVYWEIGHT – Individual Female weighting 135 lbs or greater. Team is sum weight equals 278 lbs or greater. This division is an intro to strongman events for women. Weightloads will be moderately heavy as compared to a true Strongman loads for women.

WOMEN’S LIGHTWEIGHT – Team is sum weight 277 lbs or less. This division is an intro to strongman events for women. Weightloads will be moderately heavy as compared to a true Strongman loads for women.

FRIENDLY/FUN – Teams of 2 persons, consisting of any gender and/or age combination. We encourage you to team up with your son/daughter, brother/sister, or BFF. Teams in this division may choose weight load to their ability. This division is a great to experience a competitive event in a FUN and stress-free manner. No prizes are awarded in this division.



For 4 minutes, perform as many Rounds/Calories as possible of:

PART A – CAL Ski Erg
PART B – 25-FT Tank Push/Drag

M HVY 150#, M MID 125#, W HVY 100#, W LTW 80#

Workout Description:

TEAM – On 3-2-1..Go! A1 will perform Max CAL on Ski Erg, while A2 performs Tank push/pull for rounds of 25-FT each. Athletes may switch at any time. Part a and Part B will be performed simultaneously.

This event has (2) separate scores: (1) Max Calorie Ski Erg, and (2) Max rounds of 25-FT tank sled push/pull.
Time cap: 4 minutes.

INDIVIDUAL – On 3-2-1..Go! Athlete will perform as many CAL on Ski Erg for 2 minutes. On the 2:00 mark, athletes will then perform Tank Push/Drag for remaining time.

This event has (2) separate scores: (1) Max CALS, and (2) Max rounds Tank Push/Drag.
Time cap: 4 minutes.


PART A (0:00-2:00) For time: 5 Heavy Boulder Lift and Carry Ladder

PART B (2:00-4:00) Perform as many repetitions as possible of a Heavy MedBall over the Yoke for 2 minutes.

  • MENS HEAVYWEIGHT (180+ LBS) – 150, 175, 200, 225, 250 lbs. (150 lbs. Over the Yoke)
  • MENS MIDDLEWEIGHT (<179 LBS) – 125, 150, 175, 200, 225 lbs. (125 lbs. OTY)
  • WOMENS HEAVYWEIGHT (135+ LBS) – 80, 90, 100, 125, 150 lbs. (80 lbs. OTY)
  • WOMENS LIGHTWEIGHT (<134 LBS) – 70, 80, 90, 100, 125 lbs. (70 lbs. OTY)

Workout Description: Distance TBA on day of Event.

PART A – On 3-2-1..Go! A1 will enter GRID and pick up a single Boulder and carry it to a designated area. Then A1 may carry 2nd boulder or tag in A2. Only one athlete may work at a time. This will repeat until all (5) Boulders are in the designated area. Boulders can be lifted in any order of weight. Once all (5) boulders are placed in the designated area, time will be recorded.

Score: Fastest time to place ALL (5) Boulders into the designated Area. TEAM/IND will rest for the remaining time, if the task is completed before time cap.
Time cap: 2 minutes.

PART B – On the 2:00 mark, TEAM/IND will then perform as many repetitions of Heavy MB over the Yoke. Only one athlete may work at a time. Athletes may switch at any time.

Score: Total repetitions accumulated as a team.
Time cap: 2 minutes.


PART A – For Time: Lift and Carry the following odd objects:

  • 60FT Wheelbarrow Carry
    M HVY 300#, M MID 250#, W HVY 200#, W LTW 160#
  • 60FT Kettlebell FARMER CARRY (KB in each hand)
    M HVY-106#, M MID-97#, W HVY-88#, W LTW-70#
  • 60FT Hex Bar CARRY
    M HVY-(4×45 lbs.), M MID [(2)45s+(2)35s], W HVY [(2)45s+(2)25s], W LT [(2)45s+(2)15s]

PART B – With remaining time, Perform as many repetitions as possible of Hex Bar Deadlift

M HVY-235#, M MID 215#, W HVY 195#, W LTW 175#

Workout Description: With a 4-minute running clock, On 3-2-1… Go!

TEAM will load Wheelbarrow with appropriate weight per division. Then A1 Roll loaded wheelbarrow 30FT out and 30FT back. Then, A2 will repeat Wheelbarrow task. Once A2 returns and crosses start line, TEAM will then remove all weight from wheel borrow onto floor. Once Wheelbarrow is empty, A1 will then perform 60FT farmer carry with (2) KBs, one in each hand. Then A2 will repeat KB Farmer Carry task. Then A1 will Carry Hex Bar 60FT. A2 will repeat Hex Bar carry. Once A2 crosses finish line, time will be recorded. Then Team will IMMEDIATELY begin Part B of workout.

INDIVIDUAL will perform event as described above, except Individuals will begin with an empty wheelbarrow and roll toward weight load. Athlete will then load wheelbarrow and carry it 60FT. ATHLETE will then remove all weight and empty Wheelbarrow. Then athlete will perform 60FT KB Farmer Carry. Then athlete will perform 60FT Hex Bar carry. Time will be recorded once all (3) objects has crossed the finish line.

Score is the fastest time combined for Team/Athlete to complete 60FT Carry of all 3 objects.

Then IMMEDIATELY, with remaining time, Athlete/Team will perform as many repetitions as possible of Hex Bar Deadlifts. Only One athlete may work at a time. Athlete may switch at any time.

Score is total accumulated reps of Hex Bar Deadlifts.
Time Cap: 4 minutes.


  • Men: 1-REP LOG Clean + Press/Jerk
  • Women: 2-REP LOG Clean

If the initial lift has begun prior to the time cap, Athlete will be allowed to complete the lift.

Workout Description:

TEAM – On 3-2-1… Go! Team will have 6 minutes total to find a heavy 2-REP Log Bar Lift. Athletes may lift in any order and may change weight load as needed within time cap.

Score is the sum of heaviest successful lift of A1+A2.

INDIVIDUAL – Athlete will have 6 minutes to find a heavy lift. Only the competing athlete may change weights on/off bar.

Score is the heaviest successful lift recorded.

Time cap: 6 minutes.