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Deuces Wild 2022

What is Deuces Wild?

Warrior Affiliate League in Association with Pharmacy presents:
Deuces Wild Duo 2-person team competition

Deuces Wild is a 2-person (MM, FF, or MF) functional fitness team competition for athletes of all skill levels across 5 divisions.

Our FUN division is designed for the new competitor in mind, to get your feet wet and test your abilities in a stress free manner. This event makes for a great first competition for those new to CF and Functional Fitness. Our FRIENDLY division is to invite families to participate as a team. Weight load and movement modifications will be made for all to participate and have a good time. For the veteran CFers, our events will test your skills in a FUN and challenging way!

Grab a friend and build your Super Dynamic Duo Team. Register early, this event sells out evry year!!

When is it happening?

Saturday, April 9th – 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM


CCF Athletics
13781 Roswell Ave
Chino CA 91710

Price Fee Schedule

FEB 9-FEB 15: $160/team*

FEB 16-FEB 28: $170/team*

MAR 1-MAR 15: $180/team*

MAR 16-MAR 29: $200/team*

*plus processing fee

Entry fee covers: Team entry fee for 2 persons, 3 workouts, with 5-7 separate scored events, (2) exclusive athlete event shirts*, team name plate*, sponsor goodies at check-in, access to a huge vendor village, and an opportunity to prove your fitness in front of family, friends, and the largest crowds in Southern California with ultimate prize packs for podium winners! [No prizes will be awarded to the FRIENDLY division. Limited prize pack awarded to Women’s FUN division]


One person registers and pays for the team (team captain). Have team members’ names, emails, shirt sizes, birthdates, etc. available when registering. Register your team prior to MAR 28 to guarentee event shirt/tank and team name plate.

Don’t know which division to sign up for? No problem. Changes can be made until 15 Days prior to event. Athlete substitutions can be made by emailing us 1) Team Name/Gym Affiliate 2) Team Division 3) Name of Athelte to remove 4) Name of replacement athlete 5) email of replacement athlete. Questions? Email


THERE ARE NO REFUNDS OR TRANSFERS TO FUTURE EVENTS. NO EXCEPTIONS. There will be no shirt size/type changes after final order date. Athlete substitution up until the day of event by having your substitute athlete sign your team waiver on event day.

6 Divisions

MEN (MM): Men Intermediate
WOMEN (FF): Women Intermediate, Women FUN
MIXED PAIRS (MF) – Combination of heavier weight than intermediate division, with complex gymnastics movements
FRIENDLY Division (Any Age/Gender combo)

Mixed Pairs: This division is our most advanced division with heavier weight loads as compared to intermediate division, with advanced gymnastics movements. At least one athlete must be able to perform the following gymnastics movements but not limited to: Bar Muscle up, Chest 2 bar pull ups, Handstand push ups, Handstand walks, rope climbs, double-unders. Mixed Pairs athletes must be able to lift the following Snatch/Thruster 135/105, C+J 185/135, Deadlift 275/185

Our FRIENDLY division is designed for friends and family to compete together in an organized event. Teams may consist of athletes of any age and/or any gender. We encourage Dads and Moms to compete with your sons/daughters. Athletes in the FRIENDLY division may scale movements and/or weight loads to accommodate abilities.




21 Thrusters
18/9 Gymnastics
21 Sumo Deadlift High Pull
18/9 Gymnastics
21 Shoulder to Overhead
18/9 Gymnastics

MIXED 95#, INT 95/65, FUN 55#
MIXED 9 Bar muscle ups
INT 18 chin-over bar pull ups
FUN 18 ring rows

1 minute transition – Then perform WORKOUT 2

WORKOUT 1 DESCRIPTION:  On 3-2-1…Go! A1 will enter GRID, while A2 will wait at the designated area. Only one athlete may work at one-time. Athletes may switch at any time throughout the workout. Team will perform as many reps as possible of 21 thrusters, then 9 bar muscle ups (MIX), 18 chino-over bar pull ups (INT), 18 ring rows (FUN), then 21 sumo deadlift high-pull, then 9 bar MUs (MIX), 18 pull ups (INT), or 18 rings rows (FUN, then 21 barbell shoulder to over, then 9 bar MUs (MIX), 18 pull ups, 18 ring rows. Team will continue in this order until the 5 minute time cap is reached.
Score: Event 1: Total successful reps performed within the 5 minute time frame.
Time cap: 5 minutes


ATHLETE 1 (E2) –  3-REP Front Squat

ATHLETE 2 (E3) –  2-REP Clean (Squat or Power accepted)

**All lifts will be performed from the floor.
Team will then be given a 1 minute transition period to pre-load the barbell for workout 2.
WORKOUT 2 DESCRIPTION: On 3-2-1..Go! A1 will perform max lift of 3-REP front squat with a pre-loaded barbell, while A2 waits in the designated area. Athletes may switch at any time. A2 will then perform 2-REP cleans. a squat clean or a power clean will be accepted.  A2 may lift the same weight as previously lifted by A1 or may add/subtract weight load to the barbell as desired. All lifts will begin from the floor. Teams will be provided a pair of the following plates 55, 45, 35, 25, 15, 10, 5, 2.5 lbs. Teammate may help in loading the barbell. Each athlete must perform a specific barbell lift, but may not perform the same lift as their teammate (i.e A1 performs 3-REP front squat, while A2 performs 2-REP clean).

Event 2 – heaviest successful lift of 3-REP front squat
Event 3 – heaviest successful lift of 2-REP clean

Time Cap: 6 Minutes



15  MedBall Cleans
20  Box Jump Overs (MIX Pistols)
30  Alternating one-arm DB Devil Press
20  Box Jump Overs (MIX Pistols)
15  MB Cleans
MedBall – MIX 100/70, INT 100/70, FUN 50 lbs
Dumbbell – MIXED 50/35, INT 50/30, FUN 25 lbs
Box Step Over Height – MIX 30/24, INT M 24″ / F 20″, FUN 20″ Step Overs
With remaining time, immediately perform:

PART B (EVENT 5) – Max repetitions of Synchronized Burpees

Workout Description:
(PART A) On 3-2-1..Go!  A1 will enter GRID, while A2 waits at the designated area. Team will perform 15 MB cleans, then 20 BJ overs, INT 24″/20″, FUN step overs 20″, MIX division will perform pistols or BJ overs M 30″, F 24″. Mixed teams will perform Pistols (single leg squat) or may substitute with BJO at M 30″/ F 24″. Only one person may work at one-time. Athletes may switch at any time. Once 20 BJO/Pistols are completed, the team will then perform 30 alternating dumbbell devil presses, then 20 BJO/pistols, then 15 MB cleans. Refer to demo video for Alt. SA DB Devil Press movement standards. Time will be recorded, once the team completes the second set of 15 MB cleans.
(PART B) Then, with remaining time, the team will immediately perform as many repetitions as possible of synchronized burpees. Refer to demo video for movement standards for all divisions.
PART A (E4) – Time to perform chipper
PART B (E5) – Total repetitions of synchronized burpees
Time cap: 8 minutes



MIXED 70/53, INT 70/35, FUN 26 lbs
Workout Description: Part A and Part B will be performed simultaneously. On 3-2-1…Go! A1 will begin at the bike, while A2 performs double kettlebell farmer carry. Athletes will hold (1) KB (specific weight load listed above) in each hand. Athletes may switch at any time.
Scoring: This event has (2) separate scores…
Event 6 – Total calories bikes
Event 7 – Total distance double kettlebell farmer carry.
Time cap: 5 minutes.