Deuces Wild 2020

What is Deuces Wild?

Deuces Wild is a 2-person (MM, FF, or MF) functional fitness team competition for athletes of all skill levels. 4+ separate scored events to find a balanced bad ass team and true winner in a GRID-style relay race format to include elements of strength, skill, gymnastics, fitness, and strategy.

If you are new to CF, this event makes for a great first competition. FUN divisions loads are do-able for those first timers or new CF of less than 6 months.  For the veteran, this event is for YOU! Our Advanced and Intermediate Divisions are challenging, yet FUN!!

Grab a friend and build your Super Team Duo. Register early, this event will sell out fast.

When is it happening?

Saturday, July 25th – 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM


CrossFit Fontana
7940 Cherry Ave
Fontana CA 92336

Price Fee Schedule

DEC 31 – JAN 31: $140 per team*.

FEB 1- FEB 28: $150 per team*.

MAR 1- MAR 7: $160 per team*.

MAR 8 -MAR 31: $175 per team*.

APR 1 until sold out: $200 per team*.

* plus processing fee

Entry fee covers: Team entry fee for 2 persons, 4+ separate scored events, (2) exclusive athlete event shirts, team name plate, sponsor goodies at check-in, access to a huge vendor village, and an opportunity to prove your fitness in front of family, friends, and the largest crowds in Southern California with ultimate prize packs for podium teams!


One person registers and pays for the team (team captain). Have team members’ names, emails, shirt sizes, birth-dates, etc. available when registering. Ladies – please indicate if your choose a Women’s tank top or Men’s T-shirt.

Don’t know which division to sign up for? No problem. Changes can be made online any time prior to March 15th. Questions? Email

THERE ARE NO REFUNDS OR TRANSFERS TO FUTURE EVENTS. NO EXCEPTIONS. Athlete substitutions until day of event. Team substitutions up until 2-weeks prior to event with written request to

Photos are NOT included in your registration fee. If you are interested in guaranteed action photos of your team, please check out the VIP Photo Package available at

6 Divisions

Advance Men
Intermediate Men
Advance Women
Intermediate Women
FUN Women
Hybrid Mixed Pairs (MF)



Event 1 – FOR TIME: (12 MINUTES CAP)

35 Deadlifts
45 Wall Ball Shots
55 Hang Cleans
45 Wall Ball Shots
35 Deadlifts
25 Toes 2 Bar


Deadlift/Hang Cleans: ADV 155/105#, INT 135#/85#, MIX 115#, FUN 65#
Wall Ball: ADV 30#/20#, INT 20/14#, FUN 10#, MIX 14#

WORKOUT DESCRIPTION: Event 1 – On 3-2-1..Go! Team will perform 25 toes to bar, then 35 deadlifts, then 45 WB shots to target, then 55 hang cleans, then 45 WBS, then 35 DL, then 25 T2B, in that sequence. Only one athlete may work at one time. Athletes may switch at anytime. Teammate must wait behind start  line for entire workout, until tagged in. Time will stop once pyramid chipper is completed with final T2B performed. 1 second will be added to final time for every repetition not completed under time cap.

Event 2 – Then with remaining time on the clock, team will perform max effort on rig of: ADV ring muscle ups, INT/MIX chin over bar pull ups, FUN ring rows. Only one athlete may work at one time. Athletes may switch at any time. Waiting athlete, must stay behind start line until tagged in.

Workout 1 has 2 separate scores: Event 1 fastest time to complete pyramid chipper, and Event 2 as many gymnastics bar movement performed (per division) within time cap.

Time cap: 12 minutes.

10 min rest, then workout 2 begins


Event 3 – For Time:

30 Clean & Jerks (3 minute cap)

ADV 155/105, INT 135/85, MIX 115#, FUN 65#

2 minute transition, then immediately perform:

Event 4 – AMRAP 5 minutes:

9 one-arm DB snatch
6 one-arm DB snatch
3 one-arm DB snatch

ADV M – 50#, 70#, 90#
ADV W/INT M/MIX – 35#, 50#, 70#
W INT – 25#, 35#, 50#
W FUN – 20#, 25#, 30#
Workout Description: Athletes will be given a 10 minute rest period following workout 1 and prior to starting workout 2.On 3-2-1…Go! Team will perform 30 C+J. Only one athlete may work at a time. Athletes may switch at anytime. A2 must wait at start line until tagged in by teammate. If team is finished prior to time cap, team will rest until start of Part B. For every repetitions not performed under time cap, 1-second will be add to total time.
Event 3 Score is fastest time to complete 30 C+J as a team.
Event 3 Time cap: 3 minutes.At the 3:00 mark, teams will transition to GRID 2. At the 5:00 minute mark, teams will then perform (PART B) AMRAP of one-arm snatches of 9-6-3, with increasing weights per station. Only one athlete may work at a time. Athletes may switch at anytime.
Event 4 Score: Total successful DB snatches perform in 5 minutes.
Event 4 Time cap: 5 minutes.


Events 5 & 6 

Perform 1000m Row
Event 5: Fastest Athlete Time Recorded
Event 6: Max Calories performed within time cap
Workout Description: Team will perform 1000m Row for time.
This event has (2) separate scores:
Event 5 – Fastest recorded time.
Event 6 – Max Calories within time cap.