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Deuces Wild – WOD Update

Deuces Wild – WOD Update
March 6, 2015 WAL Admin

Due to much concern for safety by several athletes and coaches, we have modified the Partner Deadlift Ladder to a “Deadlift Ladder” with the following changes:

Deadlift Ladder: Team will have 1 minute to for each athlete to perform a 3-rep deadlift at designated station. Barbell weights will be preset at each station. Each athlete must perform 3 consecutive deadlifts to be awarded a successful lift. Athlete may have as many attempts need within allotted time frame of 1 minute per station. If one athlete fails at a particular weight, athlete will be awarded the successfully completed weight at the previous station, and can no longer lift weights with teammate. If teammate succeeds lift, that athlete will move to next station and will continue lifting at each station until failure. Score will be the sum total of highest weight lifted by each athlete.

Tie breaker: After 3-rep DL requirement is fulfilled, only on the final bar of the ladder (Men 405#/ Women 305#), an athlete may perform deadlift AMRAP with remaining time for an additional 1# awarded with every lift. 1#/rep will be added to teams final score.

Movement Standard: The barbell will begin from the floor, when the athlete reaches full extension at hip and knees with shoulders behind the barbell, a rep will be given. Athlete may not drop bar between each repetition.

All divisions will perform the same ladder:

Men: 115#/ 135#/155#/ 185#/ 235#/ 255#/ 285#/ 315#/ 345#/ 375#/ 405#

Women: 75#/ 95#/105#/115#/135#/155#/ 185#/ 235#/ 255#/ 285#/ 305#