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Deuces Wild – All WODs Released

Deuces Wild – All WODs Released
March 11, 2015 WAL Admin

The final WOD is now released for the Deuces Wild competition on April 11th. All of the WODs are now available on the main page.

WOD 4 – “Sunny Side-Up” – Yoke carry
As many reps as possible for 3 minutes – yoke carry, 10 yards out and 10 yards back.

Event Description:   Both athletes will begin at start line with yoke. Only one athlete may work at one time. The athlete #2 must remain at start line until tagged in by partner. This may continue until 3 minute cap expires. Scaled women will push yoke same distance. Team will receive 1 point for every 5 yards completed.

Rx Men: Yoke + 120#
Rx Women: Yoke + 70#
INT/scaled Men: Yoke + 70#
INT/scaled Women: Empty Yoke Push