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Fantastic Four 2020

What is Fantastic Four?

FANTASTIC FOUR is a Functional Fitness / CF Team Competition with a 4-person team format (MMFF, MMMM, or FFFF). 6-7 separate scored events to find a balanced bad ass team and true winner in a GRID-style relay race format to include elements of strength, skill, gymnastics, fitness, and strategy.

If your are planning to compete in Wodapalooza, this competition makes for a great tune up or practice event for your team!  If you are new to CF, this event makes for a great first competition. FUN divisions loads are do-able for those first timers or new CF of less than 6 months.  For the veteran, this event is for YOU! Our Advanced and Intermediate Divisions are challenging, yet FUN!! Don’t miss your chance to compete in our only 4-person team event of the year!

Grab 3 friends and build your Super Team. Register early, to take advantage of the pricing fee schedule.

When is it happening?

Saturday, February 1st – 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM


CrossFit Fontana
7940 Cherry Ave, Ste. 205
Fontana, CA 92336

Price Fee Schedule

$285* /team ($71pp) until 12/24

$300*/team ($75pp) until 12/31

$325*/team ($81pp) 1/1-1/15

$340*/team ($85pp) after 1/15 until sold out

* plus processing fee

Entry fee covers: Team entry fee of 4 persons, (4) exclusive WAL Fantastic4 event T-shirts, Team Name Plate, 5+ separate scored events, and lots of FUN with the fitness community.


One person registers and pays for the team (team captain). Have team members’ names, emails, shirt sizes, birth-dates, etc. available when registering.

Don’t know which division to sign up for? No problem. Changes can be made online any time prior to January 15.

THERE ARE NO REFUNDS OR TRANSFERS TO FUTURE EVENTS. NO EXCEPTIONS. Athlete substitutions until day of event. Team substitutions up until 2-weeks prior to event with written request to

Photos are NOT included in your registration fee. If you are interested in guaranteed action photos of your team, please check out the VIP Photo Package available at

7 Divisions

3 separate Mixed Divisions (2 Males+2 Females):

4 separate QUAD Squad Divisions:
Hybrid All Men (MMMM)
Hybrid All Women (FFFF)
FUN All Men
FUN Women

Quad Squad Hybrid Division is a combined Advanced/Intermediate level. At least 1 athlete on your team has to be able to perform the following movements:  Bar Muscle ups (Men Only), Women C2B Pull ups (Women Only),Toes to Bar, Double-Unders, Handstand Push Ups. Weight loads may be similar to Intermediate division. Quad Squad FUN division will have weight loads and movements same as Mixed FUN division. Questions? Contact



Event 1: Max Ski Erg meters

Event 2: For Time

55 Front Squats
55 Toes 2 Bar
55 Shoulder 2 Overhead
55 Pull ups (ADV chest to bar, INT/QS chin-over bar, FUN jumping)
55 Power Cleans

ADV 155/105, INT/QS 135/75, FUN 95/65

Event 3:  With remaining time, perform as many reps as possible of Handstand Push Ups
(FUN HR push ups)

Workout description:
E1 and E2 will be performed simultaneously. On 3-2-1..Go! A1 will begin work at SkiErg, while A2-A3-A4 will perform chipper as listed above. Athletes may switch between SkiErg and Chipper at any time throughout event. Team must perform Chipper of 55 repetitions of each movement, in order and in its entirety before moving onto the next movement. Each team will have 2 barbells. While A1 performs movement, while A2 statically holds barbell in front rack or deadlift position for repetition to count. A3 will be standing by. 1-barbell must be off the ground and held in a static hold in the front rack or deadlift position for the entire event any repetition to count.  Athletes may interchange from SkiErg to Chipper at any time during workout. Once Chipper is complete, E3 will immediately begin. With remaining time, complete as many handstand push ups (HSPU) as possible as a team. Again, 1-barbell must be off the floor for repetition to count. FUN division will perform hand-released push ups instead.

Workout 1 will comprise of 3 separate scores:
(E1) Total meters on SkiErg.
(E2) Time to complete chipper.
(E3) Total team reps HSPU performed.

Time cap: 11 minutes



Find a heavy 1-rep max Clean + Jerk (Women)
(combined total F1+F2) Quad Squad: M1+M2


Find a heavy 1-rep max Snatch
(combined total M1+M2) QS: M3+M4 or F3+F4

Workout Description:
On 3-2-1..Go! Women (F1/F2) will attempt to find their heavy 1-rep max Clean & Jerk. Each athletes will get a total of 3 attempts max each. Once both women have made their attempts, with remaining time, Men (M1/M2) will attempt to find their 1-rep max snatch. Like the women, the men will receive 3 total max attempts. Each team will have 1-men’s barbell (20k), 1 female barbell (15k), 1-set of clips, plus 1-set of each bumper plates: 55#, 45#, 35#, 25#,15#,10#, 5#. Clips are mandatory and must be present on barbell for lift to be valid.

Workout 2 is comprised of 2 separate scores:
(E4) Combined total of heaviest successful C+J lift by both women (F1+F2)
(E5) Total sum of heaviest successful snatch lifted by both men (M1+M2). For Qaud Squad division: A1+A2 will perform C+J, and A3+A4 will perform Snatch.

Time cap: 8 minutes.



Perform as many repetitions as possible in 7 minutes:
4 Rope Climbs
21 Worm Thrusters
4 Rope Climbs
15 Worm Burpees
4 Rope Climbs
9 Worm Clean + Jerks

Worm loads per division:
Mixed ADV/QS Hybrid Men 280#
Mixed INT/QS Men FUN 220#
Mixed FUN/QS Hybrid Women/QS Women FUN 160#

Workout description:
On 3-2-1..Go! Team will enter grid and pick up worm off floor, while A1 climbs rope. Worm must be off ground for repetition to count. Athletes may exchange any time during workout. Once 4 rope climbs are completed, team will perform 21 worm thrusters, then 4 rope climbs, then 15 worm burpees, the 4 rope climbs, then 9 worm cleans, then repeat sequence for entire 7 minutes.

Score: Total repetitions completed.

Time cap: 7 minutes.


EVENT 7: Heavy DBall Clean Ladder

Clean as many DBalls as possible in 3 minutes

End of ladder DBall weight:
Mixed ADV/Mixed INT/QSM Hybrid = 150#
Mixed FUN/QSM FUN = 125#
QSW Hybrid/QSW FUN = 100#

Workout description:
On 3-2-1..Go! A1 will enter grid and perform as many DBall cleans as possible with DBall ascending in weight. Once an athletes fails lift, A1 will then run to finish line. Once A1 crosses finish line, A2 will enter grid and lift DBall where A1 left off. This sequence will continue with remaining athletes (A3, then A4) until entire ladder is completed by team.. Once DBall ladder is completed, entire team may return to start line and continue ladder again to perform as many rounds as possible. Once athlete reaches finish line, that athlete may not return to participate again until team has completed DBall ladder.

Score: Total REPs of DBalls lifted as a team.

Time cap: 3 minutes